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We work with good people to sell beautiful property.  You can see our listings here.

One of the benefits of spending so much time outside is that you get to enjoy the natural beauty of Oklahoma.  We hope you enjoy these photos of some of our favorite places.

We don't try to sell you anything.  Instead, we help you find and buy your dream property. Our process focuses on an in-depth interview to help you create and verbalize a mental image of exactly what you want to buy.  We then use your description to filter the thousands of properties available and select only the best fits for you to consider.

Real Estate and Construction

Our construction management team offers decades of experience with up-to-date knowledge of the latest building technology, materials and techniques, plus a working relationship with the best subcontractors and craftsmen.  From drawing plans to installing the ceiling fans, we can manage the entire construction process for you.  

We help you acquire, improve and maintain your Dream Property.

You spend the majority of your time taking care of others and making sure that things are done correctly.  You put their needs ahead of your own.  Consequently, we think you deserve the same level of care and service.  With backgrounds in geology, water resources, forestry, agriculture, construction and environmental science; the Land Doctors are uniquely qualified to help your dreams become reality.